ginto - the app from Sitios.

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Traveling with restrictions?
Find easily accessible locations.

Get the free Ginto app from Sitios and off you go. Find accessible places in your immediate vicinity or use them to plan your trip from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to your personal needs profile, the app shows you what is accessible to you and where obstacles await you.

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Check accessibility on the go

Our free app ginto offers you a location-independent search. This allows you to check the accessibility of all public facilities in your immediate vicinity while on the go. Or plan a trip to another city from the comfort of your own home.

Capture places and share knowledge

You can add entries to the database of ginto add or change, for example the next time you visit your favorite bar. Thanks to the help of many users, the number of locations recorded is increasing rapidly and the entries remain up to date. Share your knowledge and make it easier for others to access social life.

Identify needs

In your personal profile, you can record and store your needs, as well as specify which spatial conditions are problematic for you and which are not. Your personal profile allows you to individually display accessibility information in a variety of different categories.

Plan a trip at home

For each entry entered, Sitios creates a separate website with detailed information on the accessibility of the recorded building. Links to these pages can increasingly be found directly on the website of the hotel, museum or restaurant.

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