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At Sitios, we want to live in an inclusive and non-discriminatory society. Because joy, vitality and innovation always arise when people with different experiences come together.

People with disabilities bring an important perspective. And this is relevant: Every fifth person in Switzerland is partially or temporarily disabled. Especially for people with disabilities, we want to create a world that is made for them.

Sitios is removing barriers with a digital platform on which information about the accessibility of buildings and mobility services is exchanged. Accessibility information is essential for people with disabilities when planning their trips and enables them to participate in social life. With the Disability Equality Act and the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, our goal is actually law. Still, there is still a lot to do — come on this journey with us!

Vier junge Leute spazieren über eine Brücke. Eine Person stösst einen Rollstuhl. Im Hintegrund ist das Meer zu sehen.

Unsere Partner

Sitios bündelt die Kräfte, finanziellen Mittel und Ressourcen verschiedener Initiativen, um das Informationsangebot zur Barrierefreiheit schnell und nachhaltig auszubauen.


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Julian Heeb, der Erfinder von Ginto, sitzt in seinem Arbeitszimmer und strahlt in die Kamera

“My needs aren't the same every day”

The Barrier-Free Switzerland Friends Association - which is now part of Sitios - launched the OK:GO initiative in 2019. This supports the tourism industry when it comes to “accessibility”. Julian Heeb, who himself is wheelchair dependent, developed the platform. He talks about the consequences of the pandemic and the availability of data.

Interview with Julian ->

Do you want to make the world more accessible and barrier-free?

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Our team

Picture by Daniela Schöb
Head of projects

Daniela brings her many years of experience in sustainable tourism management and CSR to Sitios.

Picture by Felicitas Huggenberger
President of the Board

As a representative of professional firms, Felicitas brings the interests of disability organizations to the Board.

Picture by Andreas Roth
Senior full-stack software developer

Andreas has been developing sophisticated software for 20 years and was already involved in the design of ginto.

Photo by Carol Muggli
Head of projects

Carol has been working in the area of accessibility since 2018 and brings a lot of valuable experience to the projects.

Picture by Picture by Christoph Inhelder

Christoph has been committed to the development and sustainable existence of Sitios since the association was founded.

Picture by Jonas Schoch
recording team

Through his work in assisted living, Jonas knows the needs of people with disabilities.

Picture by Julian Heeb
Head of Development

Julian programmed Ginto for himself and is continuing to develop the platform at Sitios professionally.

Picture by Marcel Brändle

As a representative of the Accessibility Guide association, Marcel brings the interests of the community to the board.

Picture by René Dobler

As a representative of the Barrier-Free Switzerland Association, René brings the interests of tourism to the Board.



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