Information on the accessibility of locations.

Nicht alle Orte sind für Menschen mit Behinderungen zugänglich. Um eine Reise, einen Arztbesuch oder ein Essen mit Freunden selbständig planen zu können, benötigen Menschen mit unterschiedlichen Behinderungen Informationen über die Zugänglichkeit von Gebäuden. Sitios ermöglicht es, diese Informationen auf einfache Weise zu sammeln, zu veröffentlichen und in verschiedenen Anwendungen zu nutzen.

Vier junge Leute spazieren über eine Brücke. Eine Person stösst einen Rollstuhl. Im Hintegrund ist das Meer zu sehen.

The gintoApp - find accessible places easily.

Get the free Ginto app from Sitios and off you go. Find accessible places in your immediate vicinity or use them to plan your trip from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to your personal needs profile, the app shows you what is accessible to you and where obstacles await you.

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Commit to greater accessibility

Not all places are accessible to people with disabilities. In order to be able to independently plan a trip, a visit to a doctor or a meal with friends, people with various disabilities need objective and standardized information about the accessibility of locations. Help make the world more accessible and start your own project with us!

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15,000 locations covered
9,000 users
33 participating tourism regions
4 languages
2015 First entry
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Ginto can make everyday life easier for thousands of people.
Simon Hitzinger, photographer
For me, ginto is currently the most revolutionary accessibility app
Jahn Graf, influencer
Sleek and simple app that allows you to capture 
of accessibility is fun!
Bernhard Winter, CEO of Scewo AG
Ginto has just provided me with valuable services. Was able to clarify that the lift in Wil Town Hall is probably too small for me.
Dr. Severin Bischof, lawyer

Together, we have created Switzerland's largest platform for accessibility information

Sitios combines the forces, financial resources and resources of various initiatives to quickly and sustainably expand the range of information on accessibility.